Question: 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager


When I start driving my van after stopping at traffic light, sometimes the van stops momentaryly and starts again. It is more like a power surge. All the lights in the van flickers, radio stops for a moment, all the automatic locks make noise and the odometer constantly flickers until I manually stops the van and start again. When I took the van to dealer, they try to find the “code” to see what is wrong, but no code was set. Dealer is suspecting problem with onboard computer. Any suggestions on how to diagnose this problem.

Thank you,

Darshan Patel


I’m a little unclear about what you mean when you say “stops”. Do you mean the engine stalls, or you loose electrical power, or does the transmission slip?

There was a software upgrade (calibration changes) to correct a Sags/Hesitation/Stumble/Start & Stall condition for 1997 and 1998 Town & Country, Caravan and Voyager models that may apply to your vehicle. This would seem to tie in with the Dealers PCM suspicion.

If it’s losing electrical power then you probably have a loose battery cable or broken fusible link.

Question: 1987 Toyota Truck


I have 1987 Toyota 22RE motor in my truck, the engine is blown. Will my EFI intake fit on a 1983 22R. Thank you in advance for your time.



I had to do a little research to come up with an answer since I have never tired to do what you’re thinking. The EFI intake manifold of the 22R-E will fit on the 22R.