Visibility is one of the key elements of a safe ride, and keeping a windshield clean is the first line of defense. Drivers can win the bug wars and also put aerodynamics on their side. Bug deflectors use slipstream technology to reroute bugs and debris away from the windshield.

This increases visibility and cuts down on the mess, inconvenience, and cost of the trip.

With a bug deflector in place, drivers will experience fewer distracting bug hits while driving, less windshield washer liquid used per trip, and less splatter waiting on the other end. The result will be a big assist for a driver’s tired eyes and help preserve the truck’s paint job.

Bug Deflector Installation

This isn’t an insubstantial piece of technology, either. Built to last from sturdy acrylic, and easy to install, it’s not uncommon for some of these units to be mounted on a number of successive rigs in turn. Many can be securely fastened with heavy duty adhesive. This means no drilling and an install that can be completed in minutes. Tailored to suit a specific truck design, bug deflectors can be seamlessly integrated to enhance the exterior of a rig while protecting it at the same time.

Take Care of Your Investment

Sometimes, keeping up on the small things is what helps to protect a truck investment in the long run. To insure years of useful service, consider many smaller upgrades, like portable truck-bed ladders, bug deflectors and lights. Items like bug deflectors can have a positive financial impact on maintenance costs and keep a ride looking better longer.

Let the Wind Blow Hazards Out of Your Way

In some areas, the open road can be a trash dump, and rocks, gravel, metal shards, nails, and who knows what else can be a danger than may spell disaster for a truck’s exterior. Not only that, during the summer months, some areas of the country are so thick with insect activity that insect swarms can look like storm clouds. Every day, trucks use aerodynamics to help make the most of fuel; the same principles, when engineered into a bug deflector, can help preserve visibility and keep a truck investment looking good for years.

To avoid chipped paint or a nicked windshield, drivers can add additional protection to their travels by putting safeguards, like a bug deflector, in place. There are a number of manufacturers selling bug deflectors in auto shops and online. Online resources in particular are making comparison-shopping easier all the time. One thing is certain, airborne hazards will be waiting, and being prepared will help drivers meet road challenges head on.