According to the FARS encyclopedia, there were 34,017 fatal car crashes in 2016. That averages out to about 92 deaths a year. That number has been in the high 30,000s for over a dozen years and there no sign of that number decreasing in the future. A car accident is a tragic way to die but with some simple precautions car accidents can be more avoidable.

Be A Safe Driver

The key is to be a safe, alert, cautious driver. While this tip may seem simple, after people have several years of experience they tend to be more confident and less attentive to minuscule details. The things students are taught on their learners are just as important for drives with 40 years experience to follow.

Simple Guidelines to Driving Safe

Some simple guidelines to follow can save a drivers life:

  • Use a turn signal: Alerting other drivers of a lane change is crucial. May drivers are distracted by a cell phone, the radio, a GPS or other passengers. They may not be paying attention to other drivers, and the blinking light on the back of the car may be the thing to alert them something on the road is happening.
  • Don’t tailgate: This is more important to the back car. If the first car slams on their breaks, they will just get the bumper of their car smashed where as the back car risks the airbags going off or serious injury to the driver and passenger.
  • Follow speed limits: Trips to the hospital set aside, there really is not any place that is so urgent to get to that it is worth risking the lives of people on the road.
  • Don’t text: This newfound driving hazard has claimed the lives of way too many people. It’s common sense. When texting, eyes are not on the road. How can a driver be safe, alert, and attentive when their eyes are not even on the road?
  • Wear a seat belt: They made these for a reason! This belt, all though it may not be that comfortable, protects the body from going through the windshield in a car accident. Just click it, lives could depend on it.

These tips seem simple and along the lines of basic knowledge but failure to follow them leads to fatalities every year. A life is much too high of a price to pay to get somewhere faster. Be safe. Help protect everyone on the road.