If there’s one issue that the Republican vice-presidential candidate has reinforced, it’s that women who are self-reliant succeed. Opportunities for self reliance occur every day. One area where more and more women are taking the upper hand is in trouble shooting car stereo problems. They are also forging ahead by removing their car stereos and installing new ones.

Poor Radio Reception

Women don’t need to ask their husband or their boyfriend for help if their car stereo is cracking and sputtering. Logically, the question she needs to ask herself is whether the radio needs repair or whether the antenna is bad.

It is actually simple to troubleshoot. If the antenna is faulty, the radio will not play AM stations at all FM station reception will be poor. If the AM stations play, but no FM stations, the radio needs repair.

Radio Installation

A woman has two choices for radio installation: Aftermarket stereos or Factory stereos. Factory radios, such as Bose offer unparalleled sound, screening out acoustic noise. Aftermarket radios never quite reach factory height of sound performance without modifications, according to Stereo Bob of Factory Car Stereo Repair, Inc.

Stereo Bob, in business in Central Florida for over 30 years, does not do aftermarket installations. “Upgrading a system rather than repairing can be a sales gimmick that sales people tend to use,” he says.

The trouble is that Factory radios are expensive. Repair venues, such as Stereo Bob’s, rarely sell radios; they only repair. For example, to replace a factory Bose stereo for a Nissan Maxima could cost as much as $1800. It is much cheaper to have the radio repaired. Although Stereo Bob admits there are occasions where aftermarket stereos are a better option.

Radio Installation Tools

Do it yourself car stereo installers often need an installation kit, which includes a wire harness and a mounting kit. These can be ordered online along with removal instructions on the web. An antenna adapter and a “bypass” cable may be needed for the installation process.

Then just follow the removal and installation procedures on the web.

Standards for Aftermarket Car Stereo Installations

Factory stereos have a standard for sound. The problem with applying a standard for sound excellence to aftermarket car stereo is complex. Since car models, radios, wire harnesses, and other variables are all different for every single aftermarket installation, it is impossible to apply a standard. Generally, if all components are installed correctly the sound is adequate, maybe even good depending on individual tastes.

Perks of Do-It- Yourself Car Stereo Repair for Girls

The biggest perk of installing a car stereo system is the individualized sound system for individual vehicles.

It doesn’t hurt that guys are impressed, too.