Karting has for years been the breeding ground for future motor racing greats. Noah Graham Hutson has quickly shown that he has the ability to win in this demanding discipline.

Noah only recently became a teenager, yet already has considerable racing experience and plenty of ambition to make it to the very top of the sport. He recently spoke in a two part interview about his motor racing experiences. The first part of the interview can be found here. What has been your most satisfying race to date?


  1. Last weekend! I qualified second by 0.04 seconds, and when the flag dropped the pole sitter moved over to the outside. I lightly hit the brakes to get behind him, while hitting the gas at the same time and made a kind of sideways pass to take the lead of the first race. He was on my tail the whole way. In the final I started on pole and drove away from the field to win by about six seconds. It’s always the last one I win!
  2. Who are your favourite racing drivers?
  3. I’m a huge Michael Schumacher fan and also like Jenson Button. Phil Harris is a great guy and dad told me he won the Driver to Europe award many years ago in New Zealand. I’ve never seen him lose. He’s clean, fast, and has great car control in his historic Formula 2 Brabham. I also like James King, one of the directors of Historic Grand Prix. He is also very fast and fair. He had a huge crash in the last FB race at Road America and his car was destroyed when a slower car turned into him.

My dad used to work at Lotus in Dallas when he was young and has a picture of Jimmy Clark, who was “the best” according to him. I don’t know much about him. My middle name, “Graham”, is after Graham Hill. My dad met him at the Lotus importer in 1966 and said he was one of the funniest guys, always making people laugh and stuff. I think it’s cool to be named after a famous racing driver.

  1. Many racing drivers are superstitious. Do you have any superstitions?
  2. What’s that? My dad insists on me learning to clean the kart after every session. I’m not really bothered by anything, but I don’t understand dirty drivers and why they need to crash. Most of the adult racers my dad knows try to teach clean and controlled techniques, but it’s hard when you’re in a crash ’em, bash ’em kind of race.

I’m not afraid of any particular colour or stuff like that. I love to drive in the rain, but our karting series doesn’t allow for wet races. Dad and I just put on the wet tyres and practice. It’s way cool to get sideways all over the place.

  1. Which racing series would you ultimately like to compete in?
  2. Eventually I’d like to race Formula 1. Wouldn’t all of us! Some formula series where I can make a living and race all year long.
  3. Where do you see yourself in ten year’s time?
  4. I just turned 13, so I hope to be racing and out of college with some engineering knowledge. My grandpa was a civil engineer and I’m real good at math and science, but I don’t like to read much. I’m really attached to cars and speed. I hope to work somewhere in racing and be the driver.