This vehicle is a 1996 Plymouth Grand Voyager 3.3 liter engine and 41TE transmission

The problem is it made a buzzing noise coming from engine compartment, the same time it did this the transmission slipped, engine RPM’s went high and vehicle speed dropped. My wife, who was driving, said she tried going through all of the gears but nothing worked. When the noise stopped the transmission worked like normal.

We did a trouble code search and the code that came out was P0732, “P/ES circiut not within test range” or something similar. My question is; is this something I can fix myself or do I have to bring it in?

Also, doing the leg work on the computer for this problem I found out there is a “Transmission Control Unit Software upgrade” for this transmission. Is this something I should have done? Chrysler said it was about $100.00 for this alone.

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DTC P0732 is a transmission code indicating “Gear Ratio Error In 2ND”. If this is the case then I would suggest doing the software upgrade before doing anything else. There is a possibility one of the shift solenoids stuck causing a second gear slip and setting the code. The noise may support this theory. If this is the case the valve body may need some modifications as outlined in a couple of TSBs. Or it may be an internal transmission malfunction. In either case There is really nothing you can do yourself to fix it. This is going to take some detailed and tricky troubleshooting to properly diagnose this problem.