GPS stands for global positioning system. It is a US space based navigation system used for reliable positioning, navigation and timing services. Although initially designed for military applications, it is also freely available to civilian users nowadays. All you need to have is a GPS receiver and you can locate your expensive assets remotely.

The system provides accurate location and time information in all weather conditions, day and night and at any place. Due to its ingenious benefits, GPS has become a global bastion for monitoring of transportation operations, conducting geographical surveys and disaster relief and emergency services. Nonetheless, its most familiar example is in tracking of vehicles.

Application in Vehicles

GPS is employed in vehicles for both navigation and tracking. Using the navigation features of GPS, you can navigate through an unknown city without being lost. The system guides the driver through unknown places by providing interactive navigation instructions. However, the more common application of the technology is tracking of vehicles.

The vehicle tracking systems can be of two categories; passive and active. In a passive system, data is stored in internal memory of the unit and the result can only be viewed as the vehicle returns to the base. The active or real time system, on the other hand, provides a live positioning and timing information to the base at regular intervals. The information can be viewed on a website provided by the vendor.

Benefits of Vehicle Tracking

The most common use of vehicle tracking systems is secret tracking of the driver. However, the system can be employed to offer several attractive benefits.

  • The owner can locate his or her stolen car unharmed before its parts are found in illegal parts market. Timely location of the stolen asset and appropriate action by authorities can send the thief to prison.
  • Car dealers and rental agencies can keep an eye on their cars rented or taken for test drives. GPS tracking also enables them to monitor the ignition on/ off activity and remote cut off as desired.
  • Using GPS tracking, couriers companies are able to track their expensive delivery items.
  • Certain GPS car tracking systems are smart enough to disable the self starter in case someone tries to break into.
  • Using GPS vehicle tracking, car over speeding instances can be monitored effectively. Additionally, an optional email or SMS service may also be availed. The service intimates as the vehicle crosses a designated area or territory.
  • Using vehicle tracking, parents can watch their teenage kids. Similarly, spouses can be spied for detecting extra marital affairs.

Get One in Your Car

Before going for market search, the first thing to decide is the type of GPS system that best suite your needs. Companies and fleet managers usually employ active or real time GPS vehicle tracking and can locate their vehicles by logging in a website or specialist software provided by the vendor. Usually, a monthly subscription is purchased along with active GPS tracking unit.

A passive GPS vehicle tracking unit is relatively cheap and has limited memory. It is compact and best suites to individuals who need to track their cars, drivers, children or spouses. There are several commercial vendors who provide GPS installation and services and can be located country wise on web.

GPS tracking technology is an emerging mainstay for managing transportation operations by enabling enterprises to keep a track of their valued assets and thus enhancing security and effectiveness of their operations. Individuals can use the technology to track their cars, drivers or budding kids. The selection of GPS units for vehicle applications is contingent upon specific needs and available budget of the users and a preliminary market review is useful before purchase.